Susan Dana Lawrence

Susan Dana Lawrence is the managing editor for the Faith Development Office of the Unitarian Universalist Association. She is also a writer and educator who has worked in broadcast television, corporate communications, and print journalism. She belongs to Reform Jewish and Unitarian Universalist faith communities.

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Mistakes & Miracles

Susan Dana Lawrence, Karin Lin, Nancy Palmer Jones

The UU Common Read of Mistakes & Miracles is a four-session discussion series engaging congregations on the road to Beloved Community.
Crossing the Finish Line Together

Susan Dana Lawrence

Based on a true story that happened at the 1976 Special Olympics in Seattle, WA

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Creating Justice Together

Susan Dana Lawrence

From inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop

This book belongs to the Tapestry of Faith Toolkit Series provided by the UUA Faith Development Office. Toolkit Books provide background knowledge, inspiration, and practical guidance to program and lead UU faith development and to help us explore and live our faith in our congregations,...

Life | UU World

Talking with Children about Climate Issues

Susan Dana Lawrence

From Life
Parenting practices to strengthen our children for better Earth stewardship.

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