Robert M. Hardies

Full name: Rev Dr. Robert M. Hardies

The Rev. Dr. Robert M. Hardies

The Rev. Dr. Robert M. Hardies is senior minister of All Souls Church, Unitarian, in Washington, D.C. (878 members), and editor of Rebecca Ann Parker’s Blessing the World: What Can Save Us Now (2006).

From Robert M. Hardies

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UU World

'Willing to be changed by what we've started'
From UU World Magazine
Universalism resonates with people of all races, but our churches do not. Yet.
Love the contradictions
From UU World Magazine
If our world is to survive in all its contradiction and complexity, it needs more people who are capable of loving it in its entirety.

Windows and Mirrors | Tapestry of Faith

Story 2 The Day of Pentecost
From Windows and Mirrors
Adapted from a June 6, 2004, sermon delivered at All Souls Church, Unitarian, Washington, DC. Used with permission....

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