Orlanda R Brugnola

Full name: Orlanda R. Brugnola

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We Do Not Forget Our Innocence
From WorshipWeb
As we move through life finding ourselves, always newly wise and newly foolish, we ask that our mistakes be small and not hurtful....
Whose Reality Is It Anyway?
From WorshipWeb
It was not a city. It was not a large town. But it was not a small town. It was—just average, you might say. Except for one thing. There was a...
Marmalade [A story about reconciliation]
From WorshipWeb
Whitman Jones had just turned nine. That was good. But he was going to a new school in a new town, and that was bad. In his old school he knew...
The Best Christmas Ever
From WorshipWeb
It was December. I was in a new school in a new place and there were new teachers and new classmates. And we were living in a new house too....
House of Welcoming
From WorshipWeb
Here find a house of welcoming Here find vision and hope Here be received as you truly are Unique and beautiful Your journey acknowledged Your love hono...

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