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Nurture This Precious Light
From WorshipWeb
How shall we begin to live out our free faith? Nurture this precious light....
Open Our Hearts With Love
From WorshipWeb
When the world’s violence shatters the joy of a moment We pause and reach out for the hands that remain We open our hearts with love. When despair rises...
A Blessing for the Ashes
From WorshipWeb
Single Set of Cremains Whispering Breath of Mystery, rattling the windows of our spirits with tears and sorrow, draw us back to the wonderful, the lovin...
A Thanksgiving Blessing
From WorshipWeb
Let us join hands and hearts in gratitude on this wondrous day, where we have the abundance of our lives before us....
A Thanksgiving Meditation
From WorshipWeb
Every day we experience hunger and yearning: for food, for approval, for respect, for love, for meaningful work, for any and enough work, for home, for...
A Prayer for the Gulf Coast
From WorshipWeb
Wondrous Gift of Life, thanks for this day and this gathering in our beautiful diversity and devoted generosity! We revel in our blessings for and from...
Stand By This Faith
From WorshipWeb
The question for us today is: what does it mean for us to stand with our faith, for us to stand with this church?
Offering Call for Growing Our Diversity
From WorshipWeb
Somos una gente del arco iris. We are a rainbow people....
The Great Pie-Rat Controversy
From WorshipWeb
Once upon a time, there were these two pirates name of Calico Caesar and Barnacle Betty, and their parrots Flag and Sail. It was actually the parrots,...
Lemonade Adventure
From WorshipWeb
Once there was and once there was not a town on the edge of the swamp in the sultry summer weather of far south Florida, between the alligators and the...

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