Laura Conkle

Laura Conkle smiles in an outdoor photo. They are wearing glasses and a pink hoodie.

Like so many folx, Laura Conkle grew up in a trailer on the side of a river. They are disabled, surviving poverty, and living in the forever home of the Osage and Shawnee people, colonized name Pittsburgh, PA. Laura is a lay leader who serves Unitarian Universalism at the local, regional, and national levels.

From Laura Conkle

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Better Together | Central East Region

News from the CER Advisory Council
From Better Together
Our Central East Region Advisory Council is pausing our ministry. Much has changed since we began our ministry in 2015. And now we must seek a new way


Prayer for Our Trancestors
From WorshipWeb
May we find the care in our community to keep grieving and keep loving and keep living.
Healing the We
From WorshipWeb
Love asks for the release of all assumptions about who wants to be part of Unitarian Universalism.

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