Krista Taves

Full name: Rev. Krista Taves

The Rev. Krista Taves

The Rev. Krista Taves, a native Canadian, is a Consulting Minister serving in Quincy IL and the UU Fellowship of La Crosse, WI.

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Spirit | UU World

Why liberal religion offers a better way
From Spirit
It is time for liberal religious people to reclaim the moral agenda.


The Work We Share
From WorshipWeb
It is our work, shared with each other in covenant, That creates and sustains this beloved community....
Stay With Us
From WorshipWeb
My stomach turned when I first heard the term "white supremacy" used to describe the culture of Unitarian Universalism and our institutions. But I've...
Prayer Celebrating Choice
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of Love and Power, we are gathered today in beloved community that we might manifest in our lives the values and truths that we hold dear. Let us...
Prayer for St. Louis after Ferguson
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of Life that flows through our hearts like a never ending stream, On this blessed day we are filled with gratitude to find ourselves together onc...
Heart full or heart empty
From WorshipWeb
Leader: Whether you have come here with heart full or heart empty, with spirits high or low, rested or tired, hopeful or despairing, Congregation: Wheth...
The Spiritual Imperative of Choice
From WorshipWeb
It is 2 a.m. I am sleeping in the chaplain’s on-call room at an inner city hospital. My room hovers over the Emergency Entrance and the darkness is...
The Deepest Prayers of Our Heart
From WorshipWeb
Universal Spirit of Life, God of many names, Source of all being in which we live and breathe and have our being, We come together in prayer even though...
Prayer for the Journey
From WorshipWeb
Spirit of Life and Love, God of grace and mercy, Source of all things that changes us as we cannot change ourselves, We gather this morning as a covenan...

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