Joan Van Becelaere

Full name: Rev. Joan Van Becelaere

Rev. Joan Van Becelaere

Rev. Joan Van Becelaere is the Executive Director of UU Justice Ohio. She served as a Congregational Life Consultant for the Central East Region from 2007-2018. Previously, Rev. Van Becelaere was Vice President for Student Services at Iliff Theological School in Denver, CO where she also taught Unitarian Universalist polity classes. Rev. Van Becelaere serves as primary contact for congregations in New York state including the northern portion of the state, the Capital Region and the central portion of the state. She is part of the Congregational Life Multisite Support Team and coaches those considering partnerships and collaborations between congregations. She is also regional Program Manager for the Commissioned Lay Ministry program and assists with a number of other program areas, including large church support. Rev. Van Becelaere is a story teller and specializes in presenting Dr. Seuss stories.

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Better Together | Central East Region

The Stories We Tell Ourselves
From Better Together
Past blogs in CERGing Forward and some in Better Together have outlined a number of the reasons that factor into our discussions about regionalization:  a desire to live our theology of...
What's Our Business?
From Better Together
What is our core business – as congregations; as a faith community? There is a lot riding on how we answer that question.
Can We Hear the Call from Ferguson?
From Better Together
What do events in Ferguson have to do with the sense of purpose at the core of our congregations?...
Strengthening the Web
From Better Together
A few years ago,  organizational consultant Margaret Wheatley asked a great question that I think we can use is assessing our own efforts to change the world:  “Is what I’m about to do...
Stopping Congregational Darwinism
From Better Together
“Although churches be distinct, and….equal and therefore have not dominion one over another; yet all the churches ought to preserve church communion one with another…The communion of churches is...
When Sharing is Not Enough
From Better Together
Sharing is a good thing. My mother taught me that it was my duty as the eldest to share what I had with my two younger sisters. And we often urge our congregations to share with one another. If one or...
Changing Spirit
From Better Together
There seems to be a basic human reaction to change - all change – large or small, good or bad, desired or undesired. That reaction is grief.
Changing Diapers
From Better Together
There is an old joke – a very old joke – that says the only people who welcome change are babies with wet diapers. And yet we face changes every day.
Collaborate DNA
From Better Together
Some ...analysts have predicted those congregations which are not closely connected to and collaborating with other congregations will suffer in the future

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Partnership Support Resources
From Central East Regional Group
Fiscal Sponsorship Small Covenanted Communities, new Congregations and new Microsites usually need a partner or home congregation to act as Fiscal Sponsor.

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