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Jessica York is the Co-Director of Ministries and Faith Development at the Unitarian Universalist Association. During her fifteen plus years as a religious educator she has served on the Liberal Religious Educators Association’s Integrity Team, the MidSouth District’s RE Committee, and the MidSouth District Board, and as an advisor for the Birmingham Alliance of Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Questioning and Transgender Youth. She is the author of the Tapestry of Faith programs Signs of Our Faith and Virtue Ethics, and she is co-author of Bridging: A Handbook for Congregations, Creating Home, and Sharing the Journey: Small Group Ministry with Youth. She currently lives in her native Birmingham, Alabama.

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A Place of Wholeness | Tapestry of Faith

Viola Liuzzo: To Freedom Land
From A Place of Wholeness
Adapted from a story by Jessica York. The song is an African American spiritual. This story is best told in pairs. One volunteer sings the song at the...

Amazing Grace | Tapestry of Faith

Two Monks
From Amazing Grace
A Zen Buddhist tale, retold by Jessica York. Two monks set out on a journey, one young, the other older and wiser....
Anansi and the Pot of Wisdom
From Amazing Grace
An Ashanti story retold by Jessica York. Anansi, the spider, loves to spin a tale!...
When No One Is Looking
From Amazing Grace
Buddhist Jataka tale retold by Jessica York. In the town, there was a school for young people. The school was very poor, but the youth were mostly happy...

Building the World We Dream About for Young Adults | Tapestry of Faith

Handout 6: Privilege Scenario 4
From Building the World We Dream About for Young Adults
CAST Lexie, a White bookstore manager. She is one of three manager/trainers in the company....

Call and Response

The Courage to Hold Up a Mirror
From Call and Response
Dear Keepers of the Faith, It takes a lot of courage to witness to injustice....
A Leap of Faith: Together with Presbyterian Christians
From Call and Response
Have you seen the Android commercial where the rock, paper, and scissors become friends? It’s the latest using the tag line, “Be Together. Not the...
Reclaiming the Heart of Humanity
From Call and Response
A UU, two Hindus, and a Baha’i walk into a Christian Ethiopian restaurant. The opening line to a culturally insensitive joke? No, my last dinner at the...
Bedtime Stories
From Call and Response
As parents and caregivers, we sometimes have to hold difficult conversations with children. I have had a few of those while raising my daughter....
You Don't Gotta Catch 'Em All
From Call and Response
For several years, my family and I participated in the Birmingham Hospitality Network, a non-profit that worked to provide shelter space for families wh...

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