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Jess Reynolds

Jess Reynolds

Jess Reynolds is a Sacramento-based writer who has been involved in their local congregation, the Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento, since they moved to the West Coast in 2015. Outside of writing, they enjoy choral singing, rock climbing, and swing dancing.

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Skinner House Books

Love Like Thunder

Jess Reynolds

From Skinner House Books

In the 2018 volume of the inSpirit Series a vibrant new poetic voice invites us into an intimate relationship with nature, God, and love itself.

UU World

Conch shell

Jess Reynolds

From UU World Magazine
The tides slowly wear away at the ragged and scraped edges where we tore ourselves out, and what is left behind is as smooth as breath.



Jess Reynolds

From WorshipWeb
On my worst days, it is gravity I am most grateful for: the way the earth pulls at me from her core, yearns for me, keeps me pressed tightly against her...

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