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The Old, Old Story
From WorshipWeb
We gather today in the presence of the old old story of death defeated by emptiness, of hope and newness triumphant over fear and separation. We come,...
Come One, Come All
From WorshipWeb
Come one, come all! Come with your missing pieces and your extra screws Come with your hard edges and your soft spots Come with your bowed heads and...
The Calling of the Creatures
From WorshipWeb
Come hoof and trunk and tail and horn and paw and wing and claw; Come bird and reptile, mammal born all full of nature’s law. Bring bark and crow and...
Come, Come Whoever You Are
From WorshipWeb
Come, come, whoever you are. Do you hear that voice calling you, calling us? That voice which calls us together here today in this room made holy by our...
The Seven Principles Wheel
From WorshipWeb
One of the gifts of our Principles is their flexibility and malleability. Rev.

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