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Rev. Elea Kemler (she/her/hers) has been the minister of First Parish Church of Groton, MA for twenty years and counting. She lives with her husband and two 17-year-olds and mostly loves being a small-town minister where she gets to bless just about everything, from chickens to the new postmaster.

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Open to Joy
From Braver/Wiser
There is still and always joy in this world, but it usually comes right alongside the struggle.
Startled into Noticing
From Braver/Wiser
I hope that this Great Silence, which has come alongside the suffering, holds the beginnings of our healing.
Assisted Living Devices
From Braver/Wiser
A lot of us feel like our lives should have come with instructions. Or maybe they did, but we lost the only copy a long time ago.
The Only Answer I Know
From Braver/Wiser
Hope matters. One of the best things we can do is to hold hope for someone when that person cannot hold it for themselves.
Your Soul's Address
From Braver/Wiser
It is deeply spiritual work to learn to treat ourselves with compassion; to learn to see ourselves the same way we look at something we find beautiful.
Love Does Not Disappear
From Braver/Wiser
In my small-town congregation, our beloved dead seem to linger with us for a little while.
Building a Common Life
From Braver/Wiser
I choose to believe in community. I choose to believe in the difficult, slow work of building a common life.
Another, Truer Song
From Braver/Wiser
I wanted so much to believe that God was watching over this boy, that God was tender and protective and fiercely on the side of life and that this boy...
Messy, Wildly Imperfect Love
From Braver/Wiser
Every year, I tell the congregation not to worry about mistakes because there aren’t any; there is only us, telling an old story about love getting born into this aching world.
Love's Pronoun Is Plural
From Braver/Wiser
"Fear's pronoun is singular: I've got to watch out for me and mine....

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