Dan Hotchkiss

Full name: Rev. Dan Hotchkiss

The Rev. Dan Hotchkiss, a Unitarian Universalist minister and long-time senior consultant for the Alban Institute, now consults independently with congregations on strategic planning and board governance. He is the author of Governance and Ministry, 2nd Edition: Rethinking Board Leadership.

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A Chorus of Faiths | Tapestry of Faith

Handout 1: The Flaming Chalice

Dan Hotchkiss

From A Chorus of Faiths
At the opening of Unitarian Universalist worship services, many congregations light a flame inside a chalice....

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Governance and Ministry, Second Edition
Rethinking Board Leadership

Dan Hotchkiss

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Congregational Size Dynamics

Dan Hotchkiss

From LeaderLab
No one fact says more about a group of human beings than its size. Dan Hotchkiss shares some of the differences in dynamics.
Dan Hotchkiss's Governance and Ministry Model

Dan Hotchkiss

From LeaderLab
A congregation has to organize to make its big decisions in its best and deepest frame of mind to meet its most important ministry goals.
Green Eyeshades and Rose Colored Glasses

Dan Hotchkiss, UUA Congregational Life Staff Group

From LeaderLab
Congregational budget-makers frequently divide into two camps that approach the task in different ways....
3 Parts of Effective Governance

Dan Hotchkiss, UU Leadership Institute

From LeaderLab
When you understand the purpose of governance and what it needs to be effective, your work as a board becomes much clearer. 

UU World

Wartime origins of the flaming chalice

Dan Hotchkiss

From UU World Magazine
The flaming chalice, ubiquitous among Unitarian Universalist churches, was first used by the Unitarian Service Committee.

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Dan Hotchkiss

Governance and Ministry Overview