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The UU Society for Community Ministries, Inc. (UUSCM)

SCM (formerly Society for the Larger Ministry) is a professional organization for UU clergy and laity who minister to the larger world. Founded in 1987, its initiative helped establish 'community ministry' as a specialty category of UU professional ministry in 1991. It is a 501(c)3 non-profit membership organization that advocates, supports, educates, and witnesses on behalf of an international membership that includes clergy, seminarians, laity and friends who agree with the general principles and purposes of SCM and its Code of Professional Practice. SCM sponsors an annual meeting and other events at General Assembly each year, is a member of the UUA Professional Leadership Coordinating Council, and consults with the UUA, UUMA and Ministerial Fellowship Committee about matters pertaining to lay and clergy community ministry. Dues are $75/year for regular membership; $37.50 for economic waivers and $22.50/year for student waivers.

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Ordination and Community Ministers

UUA Congregational Life Staff Group, The UU Society for Community Ministries, Inc. (UUSCM), UUA Commission on Appraisal (COA)

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In Congregational Polity, ordination was historically bestowed only on Parish ministers....

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