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Associação Unitarista Brasileira (Brazilian Unitarian Association)

AC Central Av Guararapes
Rev. Gibson da Costa, President & General Manager
AC Central Av Guararapes
250, Caixa Postal 20
Recife - PE

gibsondacosta [at] unitarista [dot] net
congregacaounitarista [at] yahoo [dot] com

Founded in 1935 by Rev. Charles Phelps, minister of the Unitarian Church of Recife, Associação Unitarista Brasileira (BUA) formed to promote the Unitarian faith, educating the members and public about Unitarian values and traditions. Committed to liberal theology, the majority of its membership is liberal Christian, influenced by certain aspects of Quaker testimonies.

The guiding values of this Association are Freedom, Reason, Tolerance, and Peace. With a diverse membership, the BUA has particularly seen recent growth in the participation of the LGBT community.

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