Yom Kippur

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  • Boundless love and forgiveness

    Joanne Giannino

    From WorshipWeb
    In Jewish tradition, the four chapters of the Book of Jonah are read aloud at Yom Kippur. Jonah is a minor prophet in the Hebrew Bible but he has a big...
  • God's message of love to us

    AmyBeth Gibbs

    From WorshipWeb
  • What Happens When We Stop Living?

    Nathan C. Walker

    From WorshipWeb
    The question is not, “What happens when we die?” Nobody really knows. The real question is, “What happens when we stop living?” The stoicism we...
  • For Every Time We Make a Mistake

    Maureen Killoran

    From WorshipWeb
    (May be read responsively) For every time we make a mistake and we decide to start again: We light this chalice. For every time we are lonely and we let...
  • Meditation on Forgiveness (a ritual for Yom Kippur)

    Jay E Abernathy, Jr

    From WorshipWeb
    Note: This ritual involves writing grievances on a piece of paper and casting them into a flame. All our lives we have been told to seek that which is...
  • Standing on the Side of Love: A Sermon for Yom Kippur

    James Ishmael Ford

    From WorshipWeb
    Leonard Cohen sings to us there’s “a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” I believe this is one of the most important insights we...
  • Chalice Lighting for Yom Kippur

    Vanessa Southern

    From WorshipWeb
    We light our chalice, symbol of our faith, For truth, sought through a questioning heart and an attentive mind; And for love, pursued through obstacles...
  • Yom Kippur: At-one-ment

    Kathleen Hepler

    From WorshipWeb
    Poem Try to Praise the Mutilated World , by Adam Zagajewski (translated from the Polish) Try to praise the mutilated world....
  • Celebrating Yom Kippur
    Probably the most important of Judaism’s high holy days, the culmination of the Days of Awe, that begins with Rosh Hashanah.