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  • Blessing for the Beginning of the Religious Education Year
    From WorshipWeb
    Today we kick off Religious Education classes with [over number registered] children and youth in our congregation....
  • The Great Teachers in Life
    From WorshipWeb
    We seekers are on a quest: A quest to discover truth and meaning. Sometimes we think we’ve found it— Wrapped up, glimmering with newness Straight off...
  • Our Children Will Rise with Us
    From WorshipWeb
    "When it comes to our children, we do not have the luxury of despair....
  • Anyone's Ministry
    From WorshipWeb
    Ministry is a quality of relationship between and among human beings that beckons forth hidden possibilities; inviting people into deeper, more constant...
  • At the start of the Religious Education year
    From WorshipWeb
    ALL: We come together as a living church. WORSHIP LEADER: We come together from different places as unique individuals....
  • Gem Mining
    From WorshipWeb
    A few summers ago my wife Suzanne and I took our son Christopher gem mining in the mountains of North Carolina. We mounded a pile of mud and dirt, got a...
  • All Our Children
    From WorshipWeb
    Jefferson Unitarian Church Golden, CO Mothers Day, May 13, 2007 Three weeks ago my wife, Phyllis, and I participated in our all church social action...