Animal Blessing

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  • Thankful Dogs: A Story for All Ages

    Naomi King

    From WorshipWeb
    Once there was and once there was not a family of dogs. Like many dog families, there were dogs that had wandered off the street and dogs with fine...
  • When Life Is Sacred

    Albert Schweitzer

    From WorshipWeb
    A person is ethical only when life, as such, is sacred, that of plants and animals as that of other men and women, and when one devotes oneself helpfull...
  • Grateful for Creatures from A to Z

    Gary Kowalski

    From WorshipWeb
    We give thanks for the earth and its creatures and are grateful from A to Z: For alligators, apricots, acorns and apple trees; For bumblebees, bananas,...
  • Celebrating a Blessing of the Animals
    Some people bring their pets to church, others bring photographs of their pets; others have their pets blessed by naming them.