Journey Toward Wholeness Sunday

Racial and cultural diversity will, I pray, come to Unitarian Universalism. But it will come as we become known as a faith community that strives to live our open hearted theology, and a faith community that is willing to be an ally in the struggle for justice."
—William G. Sinkford, President, Unitarian Universalist Association, General Assembly Fort Worth, TX (June 2005)

The Unitarian Universalist Association encourages congregations to focus on multiracial and multicultural transformation as we work together to build an Association of Congregations that is racially and culturally inclusive.

The Journey Toward Wholeness (JTW) Sunday program lifts up an anti-racism worship, education, stewardship, and action Sunday, providing resources to support congregations on the path to dismantle racism and oppression as we move closer to the wholeness we yearn for.

  • Worship plays a key role in the JTW Sunday experience.
  • Education is a lifelong process.
  • Stewardship helps support anti-racism, anti-oppression programming for the congregation and association.
  • Action flows from an energized Sunday experience.

Making Journey Toward Wholeness Sunday a part of the worship calendar, ministers and lay leaders provide congregations with an outstanding opportunity to learn, to grow, and to transform into inclusively excellent faith communities. The money collected shared three ways with 1/3 going to the congregation, 1/3 going to the congregational Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression (ARAO) Transformation Team or Social Responsibility Committee, and 1/3 to the Unitarian Universalist Association. Many thanks for your consideration and support of anti-racism and anti-oppression in your congregation and communities.