Getting Called Out: How to Apologize
Getting Called Out: How to Apologize
Getting Called Out: How to Apologize Video by chescaleigh (Franchesca Ramsey)

As a Unitarian Universalist religious educator, I seek to be a consistent advocate—and active participant—in all of our efforts to dismantle white supremacy in Unitarian Universalism and the greater culture. I esteem the daily practice to raise my own awareness of decentering whiteness, and am blessed to serve on a team, both regionally and nationally, that intentionally seeks to change the way we understand ourselves. I have learned that I often demonstrate a level of insensitivity without, at times, being aware of that insensitivity. That is why I am particularly blessed to serve with many youth and young adults, whose prophetic voices call me to a level of higher awareness and sensitivity around race and inclusion. In that context, I wanted to share a video that we use at our Youth MidWest Leadership School.

The video, “Getting Called Out: How to Apologize,” on YouTube, by chescaleigh (Franchesca Ramsey), has a profound message for those of us committed to change. Our MidAmerica team is including the video in one of our generative conversations about dismantling white supremacy, and, I believe, that it would also provide helpful insights for groups in congregations to view together, including your youth group and Board!    

Nancy Combs-Morgan, CRE-ML, Congregational Life Consultant

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