Decentering Whiteness in Worship

Decentering Whiteness in Worship, a webinar for Unitarian Universalist worship leaders. Led by Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout, Julica Hermann de la Fuente, and Rev. Erika Hewitt

This month’s resource for Dismantling White Supremacy comes from the UUA’s WorshipWeb, an online resource that provides meaningful, inspiring resources for Unitarian Universalist worship services and personal spiritual practice ( It’s a recording of a webinar called “Decentering Whiteness in Worship” led by Rev. Erika Hewitt, Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout, and Julica Hermann de la Fuente that was recorded on June 1, 2017.

The original description for the webinar says, “Together, we'll offer reflections about why and how UU congregations are being invited to re-imagine worship in our journey of dismantling the culture of white supremacy."

Along with the webinar, there’s follow-up video recorded on September 12, 2017 of a free-flowing conversation on the topic between Glen Thomas, Julica, and Erika, along with Christina Rivera. Each video is approximately one hour long. Gather your worship team together and check them out at