Conversations for Liberation
Conversations for Liberation
Conversations for liberation - three people having a conversation in a large hall

Dismantling White Supremacy Resource of the Month: Unitarian Universalism is at a moment of great power and potential. We are making progress toward becoming a faith movement where people of all backgrounds and identities can thrive to challenge systems of oppression, patriarchy and white supremacy. While we move forward, we recognize that meaningful change is hard, especially when it touches on issues of power and identity.

In the summer of 2019, a group from UUA staff and other UU organizations began meeting to address conflicts arising in Unitarian Universalist communities around the call to dismantle white supremacy in our faith movement. Meetings led to a framework and an invitation for Unitarian Universalist faith communities to engage in broad, shared discussion: How will we move our faith forward toward greater justice?

A new Discussion Guide for Congregations introduces the Conversations for Liberation framework. The guide is based on questions prepared for small groups at the 2019 General Assembly to discuss "The Power of We," the GA 2019 theme. The guide leads each local UU community to engage faithfully. After holding a discussion, congregations and UU groups are invited to share their discernment on the future of our faith with the wider Association by using this Feedback Form and this Interactive Map. The form and map require a UUA user log-in.

Come to Conversations for Liberation holding these commitments, grounded in Unitarian Universalist values:

  • First, we recommit ourselves to strive to become a fully inclusive and anti-oppressive community. 
  • Second, we recenter the truth-telling that comes from voices at the margins of our faith community. 
  • Third, we reaffirm that we must lead from the covenant of care that binds us.

How to Begin

Every UU congregation and community is encouraged to set aside time for small group listening and sharing.

These are only the first conversations our movement needs to have. The parties who created this initiative are now gathering resources and tools that have helped their constituencies engage with these movement-wide faith commitments. Very soon, the UUA website will provide resources and tools to continue Conversations for Liberation. 

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