Why Covenants Fail
Why Covenants Fail
Congregational Administration, Covenant, UUA Districts & Regions

Former UUA Congregational Life Staff member, Mark Bernstein, has lots of experience with covenants, especially when they don't work. Learn how to avoid some common mistakes so you can make the most of your covenant.

Mark Bernstein is a member of the UU Association of Membership Professionals (UUAMP).

Why Covenants Fail PowerPoint Show

Webinar originally presented 2018-02-21

About the Authors

  • For more information, see the UUA.org page about the MidAmerica Region .
  • Mark Bernstein is a former member of the Congregational Life Staff of the Central East Region of the UUA and currently serves as an adjunct consultant. In this capacity, he served as consultant to congregations, assisting with training, presentations and facilitation of...

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