Small Group Ministry and Membership

Each and every year hundreds of thousands of people visit Unitarian Universalist Association congregations, as many people as we have members! Thanks to the internet, people are able to educate themselves about our faith, listen to sermons, and increasingly show up pre-qualified for membership. It is the perfect set up for rapid numerical membership growth. So what’s wrong? And more important, what can we do about it? The answer is relationship! To welcome these thousands upon thousands of people into our hearts and lives, we must increase the relational capacity of our ministry. Small group ministries are the key. In this webinar we explore the important role small group ministry plays in congregational growth and membership development.

Peter Bowden, an independent Unitarian Universalist ministry and media consultant, is the co-founder of the UU Small Group Ministry Network and is known nationally for his work with small groups, social media and congregational growth. Read more about Peter’s Unitarian Universalist work and projects online at UU Planet.


“Peter brings to his work a powerful combination of experience, commitment, and enthusiasm for Small Group Ministry.” — The Rev. Bob Hill, author of The Complete Guide to Small Group Ministry

“One of the earliest to grasp the potential of Small Group Ministry, Peter quickly developed effective techniques for its development and spread. The UU Small Group Ministry Network is thanks to his vision and energy. He is one of our foremost teachers and promoters in helping churches to develop and maintain small groups.” — Rev. Glenn H. Turner

“Whether presenting himself or facilitating the presentation of a guest speaker, Peter always brings the webinar experience alive, creating a welcoming environment in which questions and discussion are encouraged. This is a great low cost opportunity to learn and share ideas with other UUs around the country.” — Mark Bernstein, Regional Growth Development Consultant, Central East Region of the UUA

“Peter’s teaching style and personality keep you interested AND entertained!” – Annette G, Small Group Ministry Leader

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Webinar originally presented March 2013

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Peter Bowden

Peter Bowden is a Unitarian Universalist speaker, trainer, and coach specializing in congregational growth, outreach, and media. Learn more about his work and projects at Peter Bowden—Helping Unitarian Universalists lead and grow amazing congregations.

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