What is Your Sweet Spot

By Tandi Rogers

C&B Sweet Spot

Many of our congregations are wondering what our home congregation might look like in a changing context. So today, we’re going to use a different part of our brain. Get out the markers and/or crayons.

  • Draw a big circle on a piece of paper. Draw a big square overlapping it like a Venn Diagram with a corner of the square smack in the middle of the circle.
  • In the circle list the things that your congregation does that people consistently show up for? What creates a lot of buzz and energy? Where is your joy? Also list the things that your congregation does together that make you go, “Dang, I feel UU to my bones when we do that!” (That's what the light green lettering in the circle allude to -- don't hurt your eyes trying to read it.)
  • In the square list the three most exciting places to be in your wider community. And then list the three places that break your heart.
  • That overlapping place in the middle is your Sweet Spot. Go there!

If your congregation has a choir that blows the roof off with energy and beauty, and you live in a city whose homicide rate breaks your heart… Perhaps your congregation is called to start a community-wide Peace Choir, show up at places of violence and sing that space back into grace.

Maybe you have a youth group that shines with spiritually mature natural leaders, and your schools are littered with a bullying problem… Perhaps your congregations trains, supports, and commissions them to be peacemakers within that system

The possibilities are endless. It requires that we collectively show up in authentic and aligned ways, and be in dynamic relationship with the wider community. You may be an innovative community and you didn’t even realize it.

About the Author

Tandi Rogers

Rev. Tandi Rogers is a multi-vocational minister: a Learning, Innovation, and Growth Strategist; affiliate faculty at Meadville Lombard Theological School; and a Spiritual Director in private practice. Tandi served the UUA for 20 years in many roles (2002-2022.

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