Unitarian Union of North East India Celebrates 125 Years

By UUA International Resources

This year, the Unitarian Union of North East India (UUNEI) celebrates the 125th anniversary of its founding with a series of special events from June 2012 through February 2013. The Unitarian Church of Madan Laban commissioned and recently unveiled a commemorative statue of Babu Hajom Kissor Singh, the founder of Unitarianism in the Khasi Hills, as part of this year's festivities (pictured above). The first Unitarian worship service in the Khasi Hills was held in Jowai on September 18, 1887. Rev. Eric Cherry, Director of the UUA's International Office, is currently in India visiting with our Khasi brothers and sisters and will be present for next week's official celebration on the 18th. Earlier this year, the UUNEI hosted a 4K “Quasquicentennial Green Run” to raise awareness around local environmental issues, in celebration of the church's founding.

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