Sounds of Haiti

By UUA International Resources

UUSC is excited to be partnering with the Unitarian Universalist Association  on a joint volunteer trip to Haiti for youth and young adults, August 20-27. In the posts below, two participants share their first impressions.   The following post was written by youth participant Courtney Dufford about her experience. The delicate patter of rain on the leaves across from the terrace where I write in my journal — Uncontrollable giggling as we play Frisbee with several Haitian children out on the goat field — the gentle nudge of a mosquito trying to attack me through my glorious mosquito net — a tiny mosquito, tinier than the ones at home, whispering in my ear as I sit stargazing on the steps of the guesthouse — crickets — dogs fighting, howling, barking at 11 PM, just as I'm getting ready to fall asleep — the excited clink of dominoes across the way, conversation and laughter — roosters at 4 AM — cows — Bonjou! Bonswa! Mesi! Mesi an pil! — the grate of metal folding charis just the like the ones at church potlucks, pulled against the floor as we bring ourselves physically and mentally closer to one another to discuss and learn from our work with each other — voices: so many beautiful voices united in songs telling of hope, solidarity, love, strength. So beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. These voices. Haitian Kreyol. English. Raised together to learn and support and embrace one another. To continue to fight for a more just Haiti and a more just world. "Makone faso, makone faso. Continye lite pou Ayiti!" View photos from the service trip!

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