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Meet Susan: Our Wonderdul High School Student
Meet Susan: Our Wonderdul High School Student
During our 2014 site visit (INSERT LINK), we had the pleasure of meeting a very special student that has been in our program since 2010.  Susan is an inspiring young woman whose resilience and perseverance shines through.  She is 18 years of age and is in her first year of Senior High School.  Susan lost both of her parents and is now living with a caretaker who recently suffered a stroke.  Susan is not boarding at the Senior High School as is customary in Ghana, but has chosen to stay at home, to take care of her caretaker.  This means that Susan has to wake up at 4:00am every day, complete her chores, assist her caretaker with her hygiene, and take the bus and walk to school-sometimes being punished for lateness. Her school day is demanding.  She has several classes during the day-her favorite being science.  After school, she takes the bus, and then walks for 45 minutes to her home.  She helps her caretaker in any way that she can, completes her chores, and then finally gets to her school work. In spite of all this, her headmaster reports that she is an excellent student, and earns high marks. Susan’s love for, and appreciation of education is evident.  When asked about the importance of educations, without hesitation, she responded that it was important to be educated so that she can help others.  She told us she is a future nurse and would like to attend college when-not if-she graduates from Senior High School. If you would like to help Susan fulfill her goals  please donate to ECOC (INSERT LINK)

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