Fighting the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda

By UUA International Resources

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Uganda is preparing to take a strong and courageous stand against the "Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009." This hate-filled legislation proposed in the Ugandan Parliament would criminalize homosexuality and enforce penalties of life imprisonment and capital punishment against gays and lesbians. BGLT allies would also face drastic punishments. The UU congregation in Kampala is one of the few religious organizations in Uganda that is welcoming and supportive of the BGLT community. During a visit with the congregation in 2008 UUA representatives met with both gay and straight Ugandans who witnessed to the terror that the Ugandan BGLT community faces, and the importance of the congregation's support. This visit occurred many months before the current legislation was proposed. Ugandan UUs plan to hold a conference on February 14, 2010 - with the following goals:
  • To achieve permanent, fundamental, real equality for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people through affecting fundamental changes in the attitudes of society,
  • To defeat discriminatory legislation and exclusionary policies and practices,
  • To build a strong social movement of lesbian, gay and bisexual people with a fully representative and activist Base.
The conference will include programs about Promoting Equality, Access to Justice, Research, and Lobbying/Advocacy. More than 200 Ugandans from various faith traditions are expected to attend. American UUs have been invited by the leaders of the UU Church of Uganda to spread the word about this important event. And, we are also asked to remember the courageous steps that our Ugandan brothers and sisters in faith are taking. Will you or your congregation "Stand on the Side of Love" - Globally - by supporting this front-line battle against Hate? The International Council of Unitarians and Universalists has more information about supporting this important work. Update: UUA President, the Reverend Peter Morales, signed on to an interfaith letter to Congress that urges US opposition to this terrible law.

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