63rd Anniversary of Hiroshima Remembrance Day

By UUA International Resources

August 6, 2008 will be the 63rd anniversary of Hiroshima Day and there are many interfaith and UU resources available for congregations that plan to hold a worship service or other event.
  • UUA President, Rev. William G. Sinkford offers a prayer for Hiroshima Day-
Like most traumatic scars, the ones that are found in Hiroshima and Nagasaki are permanent: reminders of the terrible damage human beings can inflict.
Similar scars can be found in the hearts and souls of people around the world who understand this terror: scars of grief, sadness, fear and even shame.
None of these scars promise an end to war and devastation. Instead, they serve as a reminder of healing and renewal - of a return to life.
Gracious God, Spirit of Life and Love, help us to see our scars: those we have created, those we are called to witness, and those we can soothe and heal.
We are deeply grateful for the buds and blossoms that even the most scarred offer as a revelation to the world.
And, especially on this 63rd anniversary of Hiroshima Day, we renew our commitment to peace individually, collectively and globally:
To "peace within" which calms our anxieties and fears,
To "peace between" which overcomes differences, animosities and conflict,
And, to "the great peace", beyond even our understanding, that is Your gift and which we attempt to be stewards of for the world.
Amen. (Photos: A Phoenix tree survived the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Six weeks after the bombing it produced buds, and was later transplanted to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park where it lives today.
The long scar along the length of the tree’s trunk was caused by the force of the bomb.
(Photo Credit: Paul Custodio Bube, Lyon College)
  • Shortly after the bombing in Hiroshima, Rev. A. Powell Davies of the All Souls Church, Unitarian in Washington DC gave a famous sermon called "Lest We Forget". In it, he encourages the congregation to give supplies to the victims of the bomb. After sending school supplies to the Honkawa school in Hiroshima, the church received 45 hand drawn pictures by the children of the city. These pictures have recently been restored and discussions on how to best preserve the pictures are being held in the church. For more information the relationship between All Souls and Hiroshima's school children, please visit: http://www.honkawa-film.com/about.html
That fateful summer, 8:15. The roar of a B-29 breaks the morning calm. A parachute opens in the blue sky. Then suddenly, a flash, an enormous blast ― silence ― hell on Earth... (more)

  • Be sure to visit the museum's "Kids Peace Station" which includes presentations about Sadako Sasaki and the "Peace Crane" tradition.

(How to create an origami peace crane)
Did you know UU Minister, Reverend Fred Small, was inspired by the story of Sadako Sasaki and wrote the song "Cranes Over Hiroshima" (lyrics) (Download at Amazon)

  • Celebrate the interfaith coalition that advocated to quash the "Reliable Nuclear Warhead" bill in the U.S. Senate. The bill was defeated on July 10, 2008! If your congregation opposed this bill - which would have created a new nuclear weapon - offer a thank you to Senators who opposed it.

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