5 Day Fast For Climate Change
5 Day Fast For Climate Change
My name is Caroline, and I am a graduate student intern with the UU-UNO Climate Change Program. In light of the Typhoon disaster in the Philippines, I have decided to fast during the last week of the Warsaw Conference. From sunrise Monday the 18th, until sundown Friday the 22nd, I will only be consuming water and black coffee. In addition to standing in solidarity with Typhoon victims and Philippines' delegate Naderev Saño, I am fasting to raise funding for the UU-UNO Climate Change Program. Furthermore, I hope this will precipitate the formation of more  Climate Action Teams (CATs) within UU congregations. I will be blogging daily throughout this fast. Today marks the first blog post of this commitment! Keep reading to find out what inspired me to do this fast.... Despite climate change deniers, this Typhoon disaster IS a direct result of human induced climate change. Aid efforts are continuing to struggle to accommodate the needs of so many. In addition to the staggering death toll, many survivors are without food, clean water, and necessary supplies. In an act of solidarity, the Philippines' delegate Naderev Saño, is voluntarily fasting until the conclusion of the Warsaw Climate Change Conference on Friday the 22nd. He urges the COP19 to address the issue of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. Without meaningfully addressing this issue, these disasters will continue to increase in intensity - a particular threat to Small Island States like the Philippines. As the horrifying news and pictures continue to fill the media, I find myself questioning how I can help. While I have done my 10 dollar Facebook donation to the Red Cross, I know it is only a matter of time before that link reappears - for another country and another disaster. While it is important to help victims of these disasters, proactive measures to address climate change are needed as well. There is no time for the continued resistance and foot-dragging of industrialized nations to curb their carbon emissions.

The UU-UNO has developed a program called Climate Action Teams. These are groups of individuals working within their congregations and communities to combat climate change and its negative impacts. As the UU-UNO Climate Change Program intern, I help congregations organize and develop these teams. Along with the UU-UNO, I believe this is a vital part of addressing the issue of climate change.

My hope is that this blog gains some attention within the UU community, and inspires individuals to come together and form Climate Action Teams. With teams across the country and Canada, the force can be strong enough to create effective and meaningful change on the local, state, national, and international level. Additionally, I hope to build the UU-UNO Climate Program to its full potential. With limited funding, the program has been restricted. I ask readers to support my fasting by donating to the UU-UNO to further the efforts of the Climate Change Program.

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