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Congregational leaders exchange ideas at General Assembly workshop.
InterConnections: A Newsletter for Congregational Leaders
InterConnections: A Newsletter for Congregational Leaders

InterConnections, a newsletter for congregational leaders, was published from 1998 to 2014. Here you can explore the InterConnections archives to find practical information and ideas for your congregation. You can also find shorter articles on the InterConnections Tipsheet blog.

Popular Articles

  • How to Respond to Intruders in Worship
    Would you know what to do if your congregation’s Sunday morning service was disrupted by people who despised your beliefs? It happened July 20 to the congregation at First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans.

    In the middle of a service—during a period of meditation—activists from the anti-abortion fundamentalist Christian group Operation Save America began speaking about “abominations” and shouting that the church was “not a true faith,” said the Rev. Deanna Vandiver, who was leading the service. She is executive director of the Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal, a group affiliated with UU congregations in New Orleans. Read more.
  • Why Your Congregation Needs a Digital Ministry
    For fifteen years, as an executive with AOL and other companies, June Herold helped create some of the digital tools and toys that the world uses today, including instant messaging, online games, mobile applications, and an online billing system. She holds six patents on her electronic work.

    In 2009 she joined the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, Virginia, where she created a top-of-the-line interactive website for the church that includes a self-contained social network.

    All of that is only a prelude to what she hopes to accomplish—bringing every UU congregation fully into the digital world. She believes strongly that without an active and engaging digital presence, congregations will not be fully present in the world. Read more.
  • How to Create Vital Young Adult Ministries
    There was a time when it was a bit of a challenge to identify Unitarian Universalist congregations with thriving young adult ministries—but not anymore. More and more congregations are getting the hang of young adult ministries, and they have lots to teach the rest of us.

    The Rev. Annie Gonzalez, the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Young Adult and Campus Ministry Associate, has been collecting stories from congregations with thriving young adult ministries and posting them on the Blue Boat blog of the UUA’s Youth and Young Adult Ministries staff group. She writes about a different congregation each month.

    If you’re looking for inspiration or simply for helpful tips about starting or strengthening a young adult ministry, this is a place to start. “It’s been very inspiring to collect these stories,” said Gonzalez. “It also reminds us there is no one formula for engaging young adults.” Read more.

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