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Green Sanctuary

Photo of protesters at Protesting Spectra Mass Climate Graves in W Roxbury, MA June 2016

Tim DeChristopher, area clergy and the larger resistance against the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline. Photo by Peter Bowden.

Green Sanctuary 2020: A Faithful Response to Climate Urgency

This is the 7th iteration of the Green Sanctuary Program since it began in 1989. Learn more about Green Sanctuary 2020 vision, mission, and outcomes.

Getting Started or Renewing Your Green Sanctuary Accreditation


Each congregation performs a self-assessment, writes a plan, and completes projects across: Environmental Justice / Climate Justice, Worship and Celebration, Religious Education, and Sustainable Living.


Congregations are also encouraged to join other UU initiatives, as well as inter-faith organizations. is a primary vehicle for collaboration. Examples of UU organizations dedicated to environmental / climate justice are: