The Waiting Season
The Waiting Season

Waiting and Preparing is a Both/And

The Advent Season offers each of us an opportunity to recognize that it is not only a season of waiting, but also a season of preparation. It’s a Both/And. This is a time for celebrating both the light and the warmth of the season of waiting to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

This Waiting Season I am challenged to focus less on the things that are not worthy of my detail-oriented micro-management and worry. Instead, I pay attention the things that really matter—including health, respect and appreciation.

This year, this day, in this Waiting Season, I am particularly mindful that I am here. NOW. I can’t just wait any more…. I have to “get busy.” Like many Unitarian Universalists, I love to question—everything. That popular expression “the answer is to question” usually works for me, but at this moment in time, in this critical season of our collective lives, I need some action. I need to live my values through my actions.

So, I took a breather to renew my spirits. And I hope that each of us will do likewise!

From there, I got to NOW! Now, it is time, for me to ease my way out of disappointment and a keen sense of loss. Please understand, this is not about partisan politics. Even though many of us are grieving at the state of the world, I’m asking us to stop wringing our hands. I’m asking us to stop with the “woe is me.” I’m asking each of us to make a conscious decision to do something to build just community by making this world a better place. Follow your passion. But do something. I challenge each of us, including myself to live our UU values through our actions.

Blessings at Advent, the Waiting Season.

Now, let’s get busy!!!

Rev. Hope Johnson

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  • Hope Johnson will serve as Congregational Life Consultant for the UUA's Central East Region and the Southern Region. She brings specialties in conflict resolution and multicultural congregational development. She is the former minister of UU Congregation of Central Nassau, NY,...

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