GA Round Up - What Happened in Columbus?
GA Round Up - What Happened in Columbus?

General Assembly 2016 in Columbus, OH is over and many decisions were made. Here is a short summary of what happened. For details please visit the UU World coverage of GA. To find video of the plenary sessions, Ware Lecture and worship services, please visit the UUA's Virtual GA page. The Sunday morning worship service and the Ware Lecture with Krista Tippet were excellent presentations and left attendees buzzing. The Public Witness event with Rev. William Barber is also available and was excellent.

The three candidates for President of the UUA participated in the President's Forum and you can watch that presentation.

The Study Action Issue "Corruption of Our Democracy" was selected for congregational study for the next four years. The Commission on Social Witness will be send out updated materials on this topic in the next few months.

The business resolution for "Screening Out Investments in Corporations Complicit in the Violation of Palestinian Rights," as amended during mini-assembly and General Session III, failed to be adopted.

The business resolution on reconsidering Thanksgiving was adopted as amended during the mini-assembly.

Three Actions of Immediate Witness were selected and adopted for congregations to take immediate action. Detailed information on this actions will be released soon. They are:

  • Build Solidarity with Our Muslim Neighbors
  • Some Guns, All Guns: Legislating Appropriate Restrictions
  • Stop the Hate: Protect and Support our Transgender and Gender Non-Confirming  Family

Because the General Assembly in New Orleans is intended to be a justice focused GA, it was voted to suspend Actions of Immediate Witness for 2017.

Details on all the actions taken at General Assembly will be released in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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