Do You Faithify?

Faithify crowdfunding Unitarian Universalism

What is Faithify? It is the crowdfunding for UU projects. Think of it as GoFundMe for UUs. Or Chalice Lighters on steroids. Faithify is a crowdfunding site where passionate people INSPIRE, UNITE, and FUND Unitarian Universalist ministries.

Faithify’s purpose is to:

  • Inspire a culture of innovation that extends the reach of UU values
  • Lower the walls between existing congregations
  • Ignite ministries in new venues, formats, and communities
  • Bridge geographic and generational borders using 21st century technologies
  • Help passionate individuals invest directly in ministries that excite them
  • Help ministry innovators reach a passionate public

Have a project that needs funding? You can put it on Faithify and reach UUs across the country to see if they are interested in funding your idea.

Want to help Unitarian Universalism grow? Visit Faithify to find out new ideas and support them with donations. There is something for everyone on the site. You can view projects by category, or just scroll through them all.

Don't think Faithify is something congregations in the Central East use? Think again! Since 2014 when Faithify debuted, 31 projects have originated in the Central East Region. They have ranged from disaster relief requests for congregations who experienced fires and flooding, support for sanctuary programs and immigrant and refugee outreach, assistance for those representing congregations to attend General Assembly and ordinations. There have been projects partnering with local groups on a variety of topics. No Child Goes Hungry has raised money to support child hunger relief programs, Unirondack received assistance to purchase a new van, partners with the Ramapough Lenape Indian Nation helped raise money to save the sacred site of Split Rock.

image: Four hands holding sidewalk chalk draw a lightbulb symbol on a blue concrete background. text reads, "Faithify, crowdfunding Unitarian Universalist projects."

So, what are you waiting for? Does your congregation have an innovative program you'd love to put in place but just need the funds for? Go to Faithify, find out what you need to do in order to put your project on Faithify and post it there. Then we'll help advertise it by sharing it on our facebook pages and twitter accounts. This is the way to reach folks well beyond your cluster or even district borders. Faithify is international. You can reach UUs everywhere. What makes it work is how much people share your information on their facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. This could be the answer to being able to try those innovative programs out.

Not sure if your program or idea would fit? Go to the Faithify website and check out what projects have already been successful. Read the information on the website on how to post a project. Ask questions and get them answered. Take their free online course at Faithify University to learn how to create and promote your project.

Don't have a project but interested in supporting one? Check out the current projects on the site and go back regularly to see what new projects have been added. Projects can only stay on the site for a maximum of 60 days so they are always changing.

In this time where we may feel limited in what we can do because of the pandemic, this is one way to reach out and help create programs that make a difference in the world.

What will you Faithify?