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Artist Inspired by Seven Principles

image inspired by the first principle

Image inspired by the First Priniciple by Mr. Erik Jaworoski.

Our UU congregational tradition practices freedom of both pulpit and pew. Ministers are given the privilege to share their understandings from the pulpit, and member are free to agree or disagree. These two traditions sometimes merge in congregational service auctions, where ministers offer to preach on the choice topic of the winning bidder.

At the Olmsted UU Congregation in Greater Cleveland, OH, artist Eric Jaworowski won the bid and met with his minister, the Rev. Mary Grigolia. He wanted her to preach on the UU Seven Principles. After their conversation, he was so inspired that he created a painting for the first principle “The Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person” which was displayed during the service where Rev. Grigolia delivered the sermon.

Mr. Jaworowski, again inspired, created a whole series of paintings depicting his artistic interpretation of all seven principles, which are displayed in the congregation’s fellowship hall. What a gift of Creative Interchange!

Erik Jaworowski with his Seven Principles Inspired art work.

Erik Jaworowski shows his seven paintings inspired by the seven principles.