1966 General Resolution

WHEREAS, the population of the world is now increasing at a faster rate than is food production, and birth control alone will not solve the problem of hunger in the immediate future; and

WHEREAS, the prospects for substantial increases in food production in the areas of greatest need, most notably Asia and Latin America, are not encouraging; and

WHEREAS, in spite of food reserves in food-surplus countries, there will be continuing substantial food shortages;

BE IT RESOLVED: That the Unitarian Universalist Association urges the governments of the United States and Canada to enact legislation to combat world hunger including:

  1. The increase of the supply of food available for shipment to countries with food shortages by government purchases from current supplies and stockpiles; and
  2. The offer of assistance to such countries to improve their ability to conserve, process and distribute food both home-grown and imported; and
  3. Help to strengthen the food-producing capacity of such countries by making available the necessary seeds, fertilizers, agricultural techniques and experts; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: The Unitarian Universalist Association urges the Canadian and United States governments to further combat world hunger through expanded programs, both government and private, to provide practical birth control information and devices wherever requested and to support the United Nations in its programs to encourage control of world population growth.

For more information contact socialjustice@uua.org.

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