Poor People's Campaign 1968 General Resolution

THE SEVENTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST ASSOCIATION URGES support of the Poor People's Campaign of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and endorses the following legislative goals sought by the Poor People's Campaign:
  1. Meaningful jobs at adequate pay scales in both public and private sectors for the unemployed and the under-employed, with the government to be employer of last resort, and effective enforcement of anti-discrimination statutes;
  2. A system of income maintenance, including a guaranteed minimum income for all, and family allowances modeled after the Canadian program;
  3. Welfare payments brought up to realistically defined minimum levels, with punitive and family-disruptive qualifications rescinded;
  4. Redoubled efforts at school desegregation and provision of quality education for all Americans from kindergarten through college;
  5. A massive program of building and renovation to provide decent housing, both for the poor and for those on minimum income;
  6. Adequate medical and dental care for all Americans to be implemented by a program of national health insurance;
  7. Reform of the law enforcement and judicial system to eliminate all forms of discrimination against minority-group persons and those in poverty;
  8. Eliminate subsidies to farmers for non-production of crops and increase government distribution of surplus food to the hungry.