The American Indian 1967 General Resolution

BE IT RESOLVED: That the Unitarian Universalist Association urge the Congress to develop and adopt a new comprehensive national policy for the American Indians including the Eskimos and Aleut. This policy should be based on:
  1. Their participation in matters of direct concern to them;
  2. Protection of their property;
  3. Preservation of historical identity and culture of these peoples;
  4. Assistance to those Indians who desire to relocate off the reservation;
  5. Coordination of programs among federal, state, and local agencies to fulfill the nation's moral and legal obligations to the American Indian, the Eskimos, and Aleut.
Reasons for resolution: The 400,000 reservation Indians have the lowest standards of living of any group in the United States. They receive only half the education of the average US citizen, have approximately two-thirds the life expectancy, and are receiving between one-fourth and one-third as much income as other US citizens. American Indians off the reservation have a much higher unemployment rate and are subject to social and economic discrimination. The programs of the US Bureau of Indian Affairs have not sufficiently assisted the American Indian either in the preservation of his cultural values or in preparing for life off the reservation.