Board Packet, January 20-22, 2022

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees will meet January 20-22, 2022 via Zoom videoconference.

You're invited to join the Zoom meeting when the Board is in open session. Consult the agenda, below, for more information.

Full Board Packet at of 1/22/2022 (PDF, 45 pages)

Guidelines for Observers to Board Meetings

The Board welcomes guests to observe the Board meeting. We are glad you are here. We hope you will participate when invited. This may include during break out groups or when asked to offer information or answer questions in the chat. Occasionally, a staff member or guest may be invited to unmute to share a report or information useful to the Board. We welcome comments in the chat that are informative and related to the Board's active discussion.

Observers are asked to avoid disrupting or distracting from the meeting including by using the chat box to change the conversation or argue with the Board. Observers should refrain from asking the Board questions during the meeting so that Trustees can focus on their agenda and discussion. Clarifying questions about the meeting can be directed to the staff meeting host (Stephanie Carey Maron). Monthly Board open houses are an opportunity to ask questions of Board members about their work and the Association. Additionally, questions can always be emailed to

The Board reserves the right to close the chat or remove participants that are disruptive to the meeting or to other observers.