Stairway Safety Checklist





  1. Are steps on stairs and stairways designed or provided with a surface that is slip resistant?

  1. Are there standard stair rails or handrails on all stairways with four or more steps?

  1. Are stairway handrails located between 30 and 34 inches above the leading edge of stair treads?

  1. Do stairway handrails have at least 1½ inches of clearance between the handrails and the wall or surface they are mounted on?

  1. Are stairway handrails capable of withstanding a load of 200 pounds applied in any direction?

  1. Where stairs or stairwells exit directly into any area where vehicles might be operated, are adequate barriers and warnings provided to prevent employees, members, and guests from stepping into the path of traffic?

  1. Is the rise in concrete at entrance ways identified to prevent slips and falls?

  1. Is there proper illumination on stairways and access to light switches on both levels?