Building and Grounds Safety Checklist





  1. Are roofs inspected annually?

  1. Are repairs performed promptly to prevent building deterioration?

  1. Are stained glass windows covered with a shatterproof material to prevent damage?

  1. Are walkways kept clear of loose gravel and debris?

  1. Are there any tripping hazards on the sidewalk, lawn, or parking lot?

  1. Are sidewalks and steps free of raised cracks or chips?

  1. Is there a wheelchair-accessible ramp, and is it inspected frequently?

  1. Are handrails securely anchored?

  1. Are there parking blocks in the parking lot? (They are a major cause of trip-and-fall injuries and should be removed.)

  1. Are there potholes in the driveways or parking lot?

  1. Are parking lot traffic signs in good condition and positioned for easy viewing?





  1. Are driveway and parking lot chain barriers equipped with reflectors for visibility at night?

  1. Is the parking lot adequately marked and lit?

  1. Is there exterior dusk-to-dawn lighting on all sides of the building?

  1. Are fences in good repair?

  1. Are trees maintained and located so as not to allow access to upper floor windows or roofs?

  1. Is there a separate shed to store paint, gasoline, and other flammables?


18. Is the address posted visibly on the outside of the building so that first responders can see it?