Cold Weather Maintenance Checklist





  1. Is the roof inspected annually to make sure that the surface, lashings, caulking, and sealants are watertight?

  1. Is there a plan for removing heavy snow or ice loads from roofs to prevent collapse?

  1. Are gutters, downspouts, and drains clear of debris that could trap water, ice, or snow on the roof?

  1. Do downspouts direct water away from walkways?

  1. Are outdoor steps and railings maintained to help prevent slips and falls from occurring on slippery walkways?

  1. Is there a snow-removal plan (including contracting with outside snow removal company) to keep all parking lots, walkways, and entrances free of ice and snow?

  1. Are outside spigots subject to freezing shut off, and are shut-off valves to all exterior faucets closed?

  1. Are drafts around doors and windows sealed, and is worn weatherstripping replaced?

  1. Do ceilings and walls have extra insulation where needed?





  1. Are pipes that are exposed to extreme cold insulated to prevent them from freezing?

  1. Is there a designated person to check on the building on a daily basis during cold snaps to make sure all is well?

  1. Is there an up-to-date list of emergency phone numbers for needs like snow removal, service and repair contractors, utility companies, etc.?


13. Do you know how to obtain sandbags in case of flooding?