Kitchen Safety Checklist





  1. Is there an easy exit from the kitchen to the outside of the building?

  1. Is the kitchen exit located away from the potential source of a fire?

  1. Is the kitchen area, including appliances, walls, floors, free of grease accumulation?

  1. Are explosion-proof lights installed above the cooking equipment and in food preparation areas to prevent the possibility of glass particles contaminating food, should a light explode or break?

  1. Is the kitchen fire extinguisher mounted on a wall near an outside exit? Is this fire extinguisher rated for kitchen use?

  1. Are proper waste containers used for waste food accumulation?

  1. Are waste containers emptied immediately when filled?

  1. Is there adequate clearance between cooking equipment and combustible materials?

  1. If frequent cooking takes place, are exhaust hoods equipped with removable filters?





  1. Are the hood, filters, and exhaust duct cleaned on a regular basis?

  1. Are kitchen gas range burners maintained so they immediately ignite when the burners are turned on?

  1. Are refrigeration motors, cooling coils, and compressors free of combustible materials and cleaned regularly?

  1. Is a mop conveniently located to quickly clean up spills?

  1. Are hot pads and mitts readily available for handling pots and pans?


15. Is alcohol stored in a locked cabinet with limited access to children and youth?