Building Security Checklist





  1. Are keys to the building marked “Do Not Copy?”

  1. Are the keys or security codes given out in limited numbers?

  1. Do you keep a record of everyone who has a key or security code to the building?

  1. Is a record kept of individuals who have access to safe combinations?

  1. Are locks, security codes, and safe combinations changed when employees and volunteers who have had access leave the congregation or their role?

  1. Are designated personnel assigned to check windows and exit doors for security before leaving the building at the end of the day?

  1. Are buildings kept locked when unoccupied? Is your building protected by a burglar alarm?

  1. Do you have adequate outdoor lighting near doors, in parking lots, and at rear entrances?

  1. Is your outdoor lighting on a timer, a light-sensitive switch, or a motion-sensitive switch?





  1. Is your outdoor landscaping trimmed and maintained just below window level?

  1. Do you ask a congregation representative to open the church building for guests, monitor the events, and secure the building when they leave rather than give the guests full access to your building?

  1. Do you lock the doors of interior offices, classrooms, and supply rooms when they are not in use and restrict access to unused parts of the building?

  1. Do you lock petty cash, small valuables, keys, and important documents in a safe?

  1. Is audio-visual, office, and musical equipment stored in a locked room or office area when not in use?

  1. Do you maintain an inventory of your congregation’s property? The inventory should include a photo, brand, model number, serial number, cost, and date of purchase when possible. (Receipts for new purchases should be kept.)

  1. Is sensitive personnel and volunteer information password-protected and/or stored behind two locks, (i.e., a locked drawer in a locked office)?


17. If the building is locked while staff are present, is there a two-way communication system at the main doorway to enable communication with staff and control entrance?