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UUA General Assembly 2019 Thursday Morning Worship

Find a guest preacher, find readings and other worship materials, train lay preachers, and more!. (Pictured: UUA General Assembly 2019 Thursday Morning Worship led by President Susan Frederick-Gray. Copyright © 2019 Nancy Pierce/UUA.)

Worship Resources

Music Videos for Worship from Sanctuary Boston

Sanctuary Boston has assembled a music video series for use in worship. The videos represent a variety of styles, themes, and aesthetics. Most of them are recorded at home with one person and mic, a couple are down virtual-choir-style, and one is highly produced with stop-motion leaves! Coordinated director of operation Matt Meyer and Music Director, Mark David Buckles.

The series includes three instrumental pieces, on cello or drums, and twelve songs/hymns.

You find familiar hymns with new arrangements, like "Love Will Guide Us/ Peace Like a River," "Enter, Rejoice, and Come In" or "Make Channels for Streams of Love" and some original songs that speak to our UU values, like "We Are In This Together" or "That's OK."

To purchase permissions to use them all for worship, email thesanctuaryboston@gmail.com. You can use them as many times as you'd like for $325 for the series or $75 per video. Payments can be made at paypal.me/SanctuaryBoston or on Venmo: @sanctuaryboston.