Pulpit Supply in the New England Region

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Find a preacher, officiant, or part-time minister in the New England Region (Photo by Andrew Seaman, 2014)

"Worship planning — not just leading the service — is an act of hospitality. Set that tone through collaboration: you’re the essence of hospitality to, and for, guest ministers (and other guest speakers). You’re also the ambassador for the entire congregation."

Best Practices for Guest Preachers in Unitarian Universalist Pulpits

Find a preacher or officiant to preside over a single event such as a worship service, wedding, funeral, and clergy offering part-time ministry services. Our pulpit supply list is generated by ministers and aspirants located throughout the region. Our staff reviews the list periodically to ensure it remains current, however we do not rank or vet the list. Contacts are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

If you are a minister or aspirant offering pulpit supply, submit your information for inclusion. If you need to update or remove your listing, contact Joy Blanchette at (617) 948-6415, jblanchette@uua.org.

Pulpit Supply List Google Sheet

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Find a Preacher, Officiant or Part-Time Minister

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the standard fee paid to ministers offering pulpit supply to congregations?
A. Review the scale of minimum fees for professional services recommended by the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA).

Q. What types of services are available?
A. Individuals on the our pulpit supply list have specified the services they are willing to provide. Their offerings include weddings, memorials, funerals, dedications, and worship services. Some even specify topics for sermons that they particularly enjoy giving.

Q. Who is qualified to provide pulpit supply services?
A. We maintain the pulpit supply list that offers the services of UUA Ministers and Aspirants, affiliated Community Ministers, and Lay Preachers. Regional staff reviews the list periodically to ensure it remains current, however we do not rank or vet the list.

Q. How do I contact someone for services I need?
A. The list above contains information on candidates who might suit your needs. You may contact them directly by email or phone to discuss compatibility and availability. Arrangement details are between you and the provider of the service.

Q. What is expected of us when we host a guest preacher in our pulpit?

Hosting a guest in your pulpit is an act of hospitality as much as it is the opportunity to provide a meaningful worship experience for your congregation. Review these Best Practices for Guest Preachers in Unitarian Universalist Pulpits to help set mutual expectations between hosts and guest preachers.