Programs, Guides, and Curricula for Anti-Racist, Multicultural Change

The following is a curated list developed by UUA staff and Paula Cole Jones in consultation with Unitarian Universalists who are doing the work of anti-racist, multicultural transformation in their congregations. These are resources that congregations are finding useful and relevant for building diversity, equity, and inclusion in the 2020s. Some are from UU sources, some are from secular groups or even other faith traditions. All of them can bring value to your good work of transformation.

The programs below are created for adults of all backgrounds and racial/ethnic identities unless otherwise-indicated.

Congregationally-Led Workshops and Programs

These programs are designed to be facilitated by members or staff of your congregation.

Consultant/Trainer-Led Programs

These programs are led by specially-trained facilitators from beyond your congregation. They often require a registration fee and/or travel expenses for program leaders (or, in the case of the Living Legacy Pilgrimage, travel expenses for participants.)

Self-Guided, Asynchronous Programs