Whiteness at Work

Whiteness at Work

Whiteness at Work is designed for BIPOC- and white-identified participants with the goal of transforming individual and organizational behavior. Though this non-UU curriculum is designed for application in work settings (thus "at Work" in the name), UU participants have found it to be applicable to congregational settings.


Whiteness at Work Program Details
Type Description
Name Whiteness at Work
Authors Desiree Adaway, Erika Hinesk, Jessica Fish
Publishers The Adaway Group
Format Virtual training with five modules, 30 lessons, and a learning portal

Using this program in a congregation requires contextualization. If a group from your congregation is enrolled, it would be valuable to convene for discussions on how to apply the learning in your UU context.

Year of last revision 2021
Format Online Training


Webinar, Adults, Anti-Racism, Microaggressions, Congregational Transformation, Beginning Anti-Racist Education, Intermediate Anti-Racist Education