Description: Living the Pledge to End Racism

Living the Pledge

This program, originally developed in Richmond, Virginia by the First Unitarian Univeralist Church and their community partners, has now gone national. It centers around a personal pledge that participants make to do their part in the collective effort to end racism. The Living the Pledge workshops offer participants—BIPOC and white people alike—the tools to confront racism, wherever it lives.


Label Value
Name Living the Pledge to End Racism, from the The National Pledge to End Racism Initiative
Authors Annette Marquis and Anita Lee
Publishers First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond (Virginia)
Optimal group size Ten or more participants so there can be at least two small groups of five or more.
Recommendations Individuals, and your congregation as a whole, are invited to adopt The Pledge to End Racism, and the workshops focus on living out that commitment. Facilitators of the workshops should be experienced in leading anti-racism programs before. The program involves 12 hours of learning that can be divided into two, three, or six sessions. Sessions can take place online or in-person, and can be delivered at a single retreat or over the course of months.
Year of last revision 2022
Format Curriculum


Beginning Anti-Racist Education, Intermediate Anti-Racist Education, Anti-Racism, Congregational Transformation